Learn about bitescourt

BitesCourt was born out of necessity. Ordering food online is not a new idea; in fact, it’s been around for over a decade. But ordering food online is now easier, safer, and more intuitive with the BitesCourt app.

Our Founder

BitesCourt Founder, Diego Vivas, has been working in the foodservice industry for the majority of his professional life. BitesCourt parent company, DAS, Inc., was started by Vivas as a menu and flyer distribution company for Philadelphia-area restaurants. As his client’s needs grew, Vivas decided to grow with them, eventually launching Penta Ink, which brought the design and print work for those menus and flyers in-house. Vivas continued to see the needs of his clients change when it came to online food ordering, and decided to find a better solution for them. Thus, the creation of BitesCourt.


With BitesCourt, restaurants can rest assured that credit card orders are validated beforehand and orders are integrated into a system that’s easy to use. And unlike their competitors, BitesCourt allows the restaurants to keep a bigger percentage of sales made through the app. Vivas was also determined to help create a better user experience for customers ordering food online. By establishing a robust loyalty program, BitesCourt customers not only have access to hundreds of local restaurants at their fingertips, but also have the opportunity to win a free meal for every 8 meals they purchase through the app.