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Refer a friend and receive $5.00 towards your food order once their first order is placed.

Once you sign up with us, check the section “Refer a friend” in your account.

Share your personal link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email or Text.

When a friend that you refer places an order with your code, automatically you will receive.

$5 credit in your account.

The app that pays you to eat!

Loyalty Program

This app pays you every time you or your friends place an order.

1 % back of all your personal orders.

1 % back of all your friends orders (that you referred).

1 % back of all your friends referred orders meaning, every time your friends network places an order you will get 1%.


Our App

Save money now by ordering through your local Philly restaurants.

The Referral Program

1. By referring someone to the app you receive $5 BitesCoins credit towards your BitesCourt account.

2. The person that was referred is given $5 in credits, which has a limit of 30 days.

3. After the 30 days, the benefits of the referral program commence which is known as the loyalty program.

4. Each person referred obtains the $5 credit, and the person who referred them gets the $5 credit once the person makes their first order.

5. It’s important to remember that the number of people who can be referred is infinite with; however, there are some limitations when it comes to the loyalty program.

What is the loyalty program then?

1. The loyalty program rewards everyone in the generation in an upwards direction.

2. Each person above you in the family tree gets 1% of the order you made. This applies to EVERYONE above you, and including yourself.

3. For example, if I’m at the top of a tree, and my lowest generation member makes an order, the 1% bonus will come back to the person who referred them, the person who I referred, and myself.

4. This 1% goes into a wallet and is meant to add up towards future food orders and eventually rewards BitesCourt will unveil.

5. The loyalty program can only go 3 people deep including yourself, but like most families, it can be vast and wide. You can have an unlimited amount of family trees as long as they’re up to 3 generations. The length of your tree may be infinite which gives you more possibilities to earn rewards.